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April South-Olson 

Encaustic Artist

For the past 10 years I've been working as an artist and dabbling in too many mediums to have focus. Then my husband and I decided to have children.  I always envisioned myself as a stay-at-home mom type, giving up my artist dreams, and loving every minute of my children. Although, life with 2 children is lovely, I am shockingly more ambitious than I ever thought I'd be.  

I paint for the process.  To stay grounded in life.  To keep a clear head when organizing my family's daily routines. And to accept all qualities of myself, whether good or bad.

Encaustic medium allows me to work in many layers while I process my experiences in life.  I hang photos all around me in my studio for reference, though I like to draw from my memories to create a landscape perspective. This method helps me exaggerate what might actually be there, like a story will do and tap into the feelings the scene leaves me with.

Through my transition to becoming a mother I have found a deep devotion to raising my children while staying at home, and I'm also an artist because I can't stop painting.


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