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I am fascinated by the act of creation.  Sometimes that creation is a child drawing a line on paper; sometimes it is the changing skyline that surrounds us everyday.  My work subtly exposes the human connection to the natural world by capturing a single moment in time--a connection that is easy to misplace.  Every moment we experience is a collection of our histories reflected back at us--all of our choices and everything that helped inform those choices.

The encaustic medium allows me to layer the work and develop a history within the piece.  Each layer helps create the next by guiding the bristles of the brush around elevations and into the deficits.  Color from previous layers bleed into the next giving direction to the final surface.


I hear my name called out in a dream
An electric buzz runs through my body from my toes up my legs down my arms
My head swells with prickles and releases
Alert and laying, waiting to hear if I am needed
I dare lift my head to view the numbers in red
"Mom, I need some water."
As in one motion I toss the covers off my body and swing my legs around and my feet are on the wood floor
I walk to the bathroom with only a few mis steps
The water is turned on and fills the silence.  Carrying the cold metal cup I am welcomed with her sweetness sitting up, criss-cross-apple sauce, ready for her cold relief
"Aaaah. Thanks mom."  And she flops onto her pillow pulling the covers up and over her shoulder.
Smiling with a little giggle, "you're welcome. Now go back to sleep."
A kiss on the top of her head and I make my way back to bed
I'm awake now
Wide awake with a groggy head
Oh.  My sweater is still at the dry cleaners
We need eggs.  And we're low on cherries for oatmeal
I should probably get groceries
The library books aren't due until next week, but we could go there before groceries
Oh gosh.  I need to catch up with Nancy
Maybe next week
The car got a recall notice.  I'll call tomorrow for an appointment
I'm not sleeping
Think about painting
My incising lines are too small.  Do I add more lines?
Should I fill them in with clear and try to start over?
Magenta is so pretty, I really like it next to that orange
I need to wash my hair.  Maybe I should just get up and shower?

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