This painting was inspired by an exciting trip to down state Michigan. My family and I caught up with old friends and we watched our children play together.  A moment when I wished for time to stand still.  Heading South was part of an art installation at DeVos Art Museum for my show Points of Interest.  I used thread to make connections with a series of artworks.

Encaustic painting is a unique and historical medium that will add interest to your art collection.

The artwork comes unframed and ready to hang

Size:  6 x 6 x 1 1/2 inches

Medium:  Encaustic

  • How to care of your encaustic

    When cleaning the surface use a soft lint-free cotton cloth in a circular motion.
    Do Not use any cleaners.
    Do Not hang your piece in direct sunlight.  It should always feel cool to the touch.
    If you need to store your encaustic artwork for any reason, wrap it in wax paper and then bubble wrap with the bubbles facing out.
    For any additional questions or concerns please contact me aprilsoutholson@gmail.com